Outgoing Postcrossing Postcards

After the time in Thailand and the 15 baht stamp prices to destinations outside of Thailand (approx 0,4€/$ and £0,35) I have been more or less inactive with Postcrossing. I really enjoyed the fact that Thailand was a rare country to get postcards from (via Postcrossing at least) and that their postcards were absolutely gorgeous!

At times I do take an address or two, now and then I take all 40/41 that are available to me after 1,600 sent cards. Although the stamp prices in Finland are over triple compared to Thailand and there are rumours of another 10 cent rise someday soon…

Now that I moved and I am planning to decorate my walls with something, I figured I could send some cards and see what I would be receiving back. 🙂 I still have piles and piles of unused postcards and with the Porvoo Old Town being almost next door, my postcard selection has never been this wide. 🙂


Old Town of Porvoo


Finland – Funland by Virkkuukoukkunen – these have become my new favourite postcards as a store at the Old Town sells these. 🙂


There’s nothing more iconic to Finns than the Helsinki cathedral. 🙂


Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor – from “Postcards from time and space” – set of 100 Doctor Who postcards. 🙂 Too bad there is no postcards of David Tennant as the Doctor. :/


The princess and the frog 2009, Visual Development from The Art of Disney: the Renaissance and Beyond (1989-2014)


Card from a set of Fantasy/Horoscope postcards I ordered from Aliexpress during my time in Thailand – I still haven’t used more than 8 or so


Porvoo Old Town during a summer night. Borgå is the Swedish name of the city (meaning “Castle river” borg=castle, å=river) One third of the inhabitants of the city speak Swedish as their first language as Finland used to be under Swedish rule for YEARS and Porvoo is the 2nd oldest city/town in all of Finland.


Helsinki Olympic Stadion. Found this old card by accident at a store in Porvoo Old Town and as many people collect stadium postcards, I bought a couple. 🙂


If you ask me, Tiana doesn’t get nearly as much love as she deserves as a Disney Princess.


As someone from “Land of the Moomins” there were a couple Moomin cards sent as well. 🙂


I have never been a fan of Inge Löök’s “Old Ladies” postcards but many adore them. Anyone willing to tell me what is so fascinating and wonderful in these cards? 🙂


Pin Up styled cards are rather hard to find over here (at least I have problems locating those) so when I come across a nice one I’ll buy it and send it forward usually withing a couple of weeks. 🙂


One lady was collecting Wedding cards for her brother’s upcoming wedding and as I didn’t have any, I sent this one and added a (translated) Finnish saying about a lasting marriage to the back. 🙂

Are you active in Postcrossing? How many cards do you have sent and are you pleased with (most of) the postcards you’ve received yourself? 🙂

Happy mailings~


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