Greetings from amidst the moving boxes

Thank all sorts of gods and deities – December is almost over! The month has been a nightmare thanks to everything happening at the same time. Loads of relationship shipwrecks (but somehow I was asked out for a date on Christmas Eve, without a set date – I NEVER get asked out), work in retail has been a nightmare as people go crazy during the Christmas season, my barely a year old laptop crashed (I lost 99% of my files as it needed to be reset to factory settings) and on top of it all there was all sorts of problems and setbacks with the upcoming move on January 1st.

Never thought the three Christmas days would be as chaotic as they were and I was actually happy to work on Boxing day – it meant getting away from the chaos and FINALLY being able to start packing stuff up.


Packing this and that (clothes will be in a luggage as soon as I get it) and washing the last clothes before the move.

Currently I am “happily” packing things and looking around wondering where the F- can I put the rest of the moving boxes I have.

Due to everything this month I haven’t been writing much – only a couple of Christmas postcards to a selected few who also got special postmarks. Other than that my outgoing mail has been nonexistent but I have received something small from penpals and a tea swap. I also have bought somethings for snail mail, although I had a break down a while back and asked myself whether I should just quit snail mail for good (stress and stomach problems did the talking then).


Tea swap from South Korea – I had swapped cards with her this summer when I spent 4 days in Estonia so when she asked help to get the Finnish Moomin teas, we agreed on a tea swap. And as I finally found (and ordered 8 boxes online) the new Christmas/Winter Moomin teas, there will be a new swap coming as soon as my move is done.


The Winter Moomin teas – AT LAST.

 The packing is almost as great of a stress reliever (and causer) as shopping is. 🙂


New Santoro rubber stamps (3rd big and 6th/7th small one) and a new ink – this time “worn lipstick”


And some stamps as I was planning to send more mail this month than I did. But at least I do start 2017 with stamps to use. 🙂

And right now I just can’t wait to start writing again when I have my own space and desk. I just want to spread my belongings and enjoy my own controlled chaos. 🙂


Some Japan souvenirs from my German pal.


Tea Christmas surprise from another German pal 🙂

Hope your Christmas time was more relaxing and December as chaotic and stressful as mine. 🙂
Happy mailing~


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