Things that annoy me in penpalling

I might end up sounding like everything annoys me but I list nearly every (even little) thing that annoys me in this otherwise wonderful hobby. But do bear in mind that most of these I wrote down while having a really bad day and nearly everything annoyed me 🙂 And these aren’t just traits of other people that annoy me, this also includes the post offices.

But we could start with a couple of things that DON’T annoy me that much that usually seem to annoy most people (based on some chats I’ve seen)

1) Long time between letters
I’m also guilty of this so waiting doesn’t bother me that much.

2) Typed letters
Some people can’t stand typed letters – EVERYTHING has to be handwritten. I don’t mind typed letters – with some pals I actually ask them to type their letters as I can’t read their handwriting at all!

3) Complaining in letters
We all have our own lives and bad and unfair things are a part of that. I don’t mind reading complaints in letters as long as those aren’t about me 🙂

4) Not cancelled stamps
Within Finland this is like a jackpot! Free stamp for reuse! It’s the post office’s fault for not cancelling it! 🙂

Christmas package I received from  Emma yesterday and the stamps weren't cancelled! I get to reuse those after Christmas :)

Christmas package I received from Emma yesterday and the stamps weren’t cancelled! I get to reuse those after Christmas 🙂

But off to the things that annoy me (in no particular order)

1) Short letters
I mean 1 A4/A5 letters (mostly one sided). I know that first letters can be like this as the writer wants to be sure that she/he won’t spend too much time and effort for a person who might not write back. I don’t usually mind those and “forgive” it in 1st letters but after that…… My letters are normally (short ones) 3-4 A5 pages back and front and my handwriting isn’t gigantic so to get a 1 A5 page back for that isn’t fair or nice. I tend to give 1-2 second chances for my pals but after that I give up trying

2) Impersonal letters
I had this one pal who asked me to write the first letter, I wrote to her in May and received a reply around January. I wrote her 4 pages about myself and asked things from her. What I got was a short and brief story about her trip around the world (first I went there, then I went there and did this, then I went there etc.) and only 2 sentences about herself (name, age and what she’s studying). And she’s native English speaker. I sent her a short 1 page letter back asking her to write something about her and telling that I can’t get to know her with just her telling about her trip around the world. She replied, once again over 6 months later, and wrote one sided A4 pages with her without no questions. I sent her one last reply in June 2013 and I haven’t heard from her since (I was impersonal as well since I couldn’t get nearly anything out of her) so I guess she gave up.

3) Text language
Luckily for me I’ve managed to mostly avoid this. In Finnish I don’t mind the letters being written in spoken Finnish as written and spoken Finnish are two different things. But in English.. I write letters to get to know people and in a way brush up my English skills. Due to this I want properly written sentences instead of “u luk nyc”, “how r u?” etc. (the first one is an actual comment I’ve received in Facebook). I loathe texting language and as I don’t use it I hope my pals don’t use it either.

4) Not knowing the difference between words
I’m not native speaker but I’m forced to learn the difference between two/too, your/you’re, there/their/they’re so it annoys me to no end when actual native speakers mix up those, ESPECIALLY too/two. When the writer isn’t native speaker I do understand the mistakes if they’re still learning but natives? Come on! Those are such easy things to learn! 😦

5) LOL
I’ve loathed the word since I first heard it. I just hate it, can’t explain why, it’s just one of the words I loathe. Just the way it sounds and the fact that most people write it when they’re not even smiling or laughing gets me angry. Some people hate stupider words like “moist”, I hate lol.

6) Swearing
I don’t swear (most of the time) and definitely try my best to avoid it while writing so when I get a letter with loads of F-bombs I’m immediately put off.

7) Postage prices (if this was Top 10 what annoys me THIS would be the first one)
The price for priority/airmail letter in early 2013 was 0,8€ not that bad but still a bit high as less than 6 months before that it was 0,75€ – the lowest it has been since 2009. Then on June 4th it was raised to 0,85€ (10 cents more than in Germany – yes, I know that Germany is a cheaper country than Finland but still, I have to be able to compare it to a country “like” Finland). Then during the late November when there was news about a possible strike with mail delivery we also got news that the prices are rising AGAIN in January 2014, this time with 15 cents to 1€ per airmail stamp. Until this the prices have risen with just 5 cents but now it’s 15 cents – 20 cent (25%) rise in just 6 months!! How is this fair?? And then there’s the fact that if your letter goes over the given weight limit by even 0,1g you have to pay the price that goes to the next limit – for example a 250,1g package and you have to pay the price as if you were sending a 500g package. And they mostly don’t listen to when the customer says “I want to send this the cheapest way possible, THANK YOU.”

8) Post offices that are located in stores/small kiosks
The people working don’t usually have ANY idea on how to handle the mail. I spent over 5 minutes this summer requesting a sheet of 1€ stamps (one sheet = 10×1€ stamps) but the clerk was trying to sell me the priority stamps (10×0,85€). It’s sad when you’re more informed about the mail than the clerk who tries to help you.

9) Mature penpallers giving advice to younger ones/telling people to drop a pal
This annoys me a lot as some people with over 20 years of experience in penpalling seem to be so much better than the younger ones/the ones with less experience and some write rules to their upcoming pals (time limits between letters, how long the letter MUST BE etc.) and most of all I hate it when there’s a talk about penpals and how one pal suddenly wrote a shorter letter than normally and people go and tell the person to drop the pal immediately without even knowing how close they might actually be and if there’s a good reason the letter is shorter than usually.

And some small things that annoy me when I’m in a hurry or having a bad day

1) Missing return address
From the envelope and letter. I have more than 5 pals, I can’t remember people’s addresses like that! I barely remember my own!

2) Please return stamps!
For reuse in most cases -If you can’t afford stamps maybe penpalling isn’t your hobby. But some ask those back for their own collections. Get a penpal from your own country for that or ask that from your pals who don’t collect stamps! I do agree to this “I get my stamps back while you get your stamps back” policy but so far my pal hasn’t kept her promise to return my stamps for my stamp collection.

I collect stamps as well!

I collect stamps as well!

3) Postage paid sticker/using the same stamp EVERY time
Postage paid sticker is usually from Asian countries, especially South Korea from where I’ve received over 30 letters and only one with actual stamps! The same stamp complain is usually for Germans, there are a couple of stamps that are used nearly ALL the time – 75 cent flower stamp or a cathedral stamp (also a bridge and a train stamp that came last/this year) – Finland can also be blamed as a couple of years ago the Northern light stamps were EVERYWHERE. I know that both of these countries publish new stamps MANY times a year but usually it’s just easiest to buy the one and same stamp set of 10 or 100 stamps….

Deutsche Post - PLEASE get rid of this flower stamp and make a new one!

Deutsche Post – PLEASE get rid of this flower stamp and make a new one!

Any pet peeves/annoyances you have that I wrote down or forgot/chose not to add to this? 🙂


29 thoughts on “Things that annoy me in penpalling

  1. So many comments are running through my mind right now, hehe. Let’s just tackle each thing you said, shall we? 😀

    I don’t mind people taking a while to write as long as their letters are worth the wait. I have one pen pal I hear from maybe three times a year (though she will send me postcards in between letters), but I still feel like we’re incredibly close and I’m just glad she finds the time to write me at all. When letters are barely a page long, that’s when I don’t like waiting over three months.

    Typed letters don’t bother me either. There are a few pen pals of mine that likely wouldn’t have the time or energy to write me if they couldn’t do so. And yes, some people don’t have the best handwriting so it all works out.

    I don’t mind complaining in letters unless that’s ALL someone ever does. Pen palling is my number 1 way I vent so of course I will complain from time to time and I expect my pen pals to do the same; I just feel like with some people I’ve heard from the sky’s always falling…

    Cancelled stamps aren’t really a norm here in the US, though I may have to start paying more attention 😉

    The occasional short letter doesn’t bother me. Sometimes people are busy and if they want to take the time to write me a short letter then I’m not going to argue. However, when someone just writes from time to time and they don’t even tell me what they’ve been up to, that’s when I stop bothering writing them anymore. It’s just not worth the postage, in my opinion.

    Impersonal letters are my probably what annoys me the most out of everything on your list. What’s the point of writing letters if you’re not going to ask questions or talk about yourself? If I’m writing you, it’s because I want to get to know you.

    I “h8” text language. If someone wants to talk to that, they should find a text buddy and not a pen pal.

    One of my pen pals is CONSTANTLY messing up your/you’re and it DRIVES ME NUTS! If the mix-up happens once it’s no big deal, but I think she just doesn’t know the difference which is pretty sad.

    I know I’m guilty of saying lol, but usually I use “haha” or “hehe”. Should we ever write each other I’ll be sure to avoid that.

    I rarely swear, but I can avoid that too 😉

    Stamp prices don’t bother me too much. We have “forever” stamps so if you got them when they were only 44 cents, you can still use them whenever the price changes so whenever the price is about to change I stock up a bit.

    I know grocery stores sell stamps and whatnot, but I’d rather just go to an actual post office where I know they’ll have whatever it is I’m after and they’re actually knowledgeable on the matter.

    I have never had someone tell me how to pen pal! I know I’ve told people about things like Friendship Books but I couldn’t imagine telling people how long their letters should be or how often they should write. Pen palling is a hobby so people should enjoy it however they see fit! As far as dropping people is concerned, if someone thinks their pen pal should drop someone, they could say something like “If I was in your position I wouldn’t keep writing them,” but to flat out tell people what to do is just rude.

    I’m OBSESSED with address labels. Nothing ever gets shipped out without my name in that left-hand corner, haha. My obsession aside, I have everyone’s address written down in a notebook so should they not share my enthusiasm it’s not a big deal for me.

    If someone collected stamps, I’d try to save mine for them. If someone was trying to reuse them, I’d try to tell them I wasn’t sure I wanted to write them, haha.

    Currently there are two different international stamps for me to use– a “globe” and a “Christmas wreath” so should we ever become pen pals it’s possible there may be some monotony from me. I know I could use several of the regular stamps per letter, but I’d rather use those for letters to my pen pals from the US. I don’t collect stamps so I don’t mind when there isn’t variety, but I can see why a collector would be a bit peeved.

    PHEW! I think that’s everything, haha. Hope you don’t mind being on the receiving end of the largest comment I ever sent 😛

    • Wow the comment was long! 😀 But don’t worry, I like reading long comments, it’s just replying that might take a while ;D

      Nice to hear that there are people who aren’t bothered by typed letters/waiting/complaining 😀 I just received a letter from a pal I hadn’t heard in months (she told me she was writing a letter in September but I just got the letter and the dates were from November) and she apologized for the late letter as she chose to rewrite the whole letter as the first one included a lot of complaining.. I wouldn’t have minded that at all 🙂
      And about the cancellations – in Finland the stamps were USUALLY cancelled back in early 2000s when I started penpalling but nowadays I’d say that in over half of the postcards and letters from Finland the stamps haven’t been cancelled so I just cut the stamp out, soak it in the water and reuse it 🙂

      Yes, occasionally a short letter is okay but not ALL the time.. Same with impersonal letters in a way – if a pal is having a really bad phase in his/her life and sends a typed apology/reason to all of the pals I wouldn’t mind that but ALL THE TIME? Maybe a email/chat pal would be better in that case :/ And like you said, penpalling is to make new friends via letters and ask them about their lives just as well as you tell them about yours. It’s like talking face to face, just via letters 🙂

      Unfortunately most of the text language and your/you’re letters come from the States 😦 Don’t know why it’s so.. But some text message letters do come from Sri Lanka or European countries as well, but mostly the States which is rather depressing 😦 Letters are letters, text messages are text messages and those should be kept as far apart from each other as possible..

      I don’t mind using lol or swearing now and then (to a point) but if that’s all the pal does (every sentence starts/ends with lol or a F-bomb) it really puts me off 😦 Just like the pet peeve you had of taking a new page and writing byes and signature to that..

      The prices annoy me as I’m a poor student with next to no income so the prices do affect me quite a lot.. For example the fact that I need to quit Postcrossing to be able to keep all of my current pals and write to a new one after the assignments are done 😉 Sure, our stamps are mostly forever stamps as well but I can’t spend that much on those right now as I’m buying Christmas presents to my dear friends and family and those take nearly all of my money 😦 Hope to get some stamps as Christmas presents since I told all my friends to get some for me! 🙂

      I also prefer going to a proper post office but when those are MILES away it’s rather hard 😦 I live in the country side, 30-50 minutes drive (one way) to the closest real post office so I do have to use the kiosk/store offices now and then (those are only 10 minutes away :()

      Great to hear I’m not the only one with the address label obsession! After I found those in 2010-2011 I started buying those and didn’t have to write my name and address to each and every letter I sent 😀 And as my address books are still in need of updating/adding some addresses I LOVE it when my pals have their addresses written on the envelope, I don’t have to start looking for the address book that’s most of the time missing! 😀

      I’ve so far stopped writing with people who asked their stamps back and were clearly reusing those (adding piles of glue/tape on top of stamps) but I am still waiting and hoping to see that time when my pal does understand that I’m okay with returning her stamps if she returns mine.. And I also tend to return stamps that weren’t cancelled if those came from abroad 😀 So far most of those have come from Germany – the most annoying time was when I got mint stamps from a postcrosser (I only collect used ones), sent those to a pal so she could save some money and I’d get those used but when her letter came the stamps weren’t cancelled.. JUST MY LUCK! 😀

      Oh yeah, USA also has just a couple of international stamps after the prices went up this year, right? I just don’t mind it as I hardly ever get mail from USA (even via Postcrossing!) and my American pal usually puts some first class forever stamps and/or $1/5c/10c stamps 😀 I’ve only received the globe a couple of times and it’s NOTHING compared to the flower stamp of Germany which has been available for over 4 years!! 😀 Or the fact that there was this Aurora Boralis/Northern Lights stamp in Finland a couple of years ago and they were trying to sell it everywhere and all my pals used just that one :DD

  2. I’m so glad you didn’t mind the long comment… and that you left one for me to read in return, hehe. I’ll try to make this one a bit more condensed!

    I don’t like it when people rewrite their letters… I get that sometimes they came across a little bitchy or sometimes they’re in a bit of a blah mood when they write them, but that just makes the people more REAL in my opinion! Oh well, at least you still heard from that person even if it took a bit longer than you would have liked. I get what you’re saying about how impersonal letters CAN be a one time occurrence, and that’s why I usually wait for a couple letters to make my verdict about those who write them. A lot of the time though, at least in my experience, they’re from the people who have over 30 people they write to and it seems as though they have a hard time keeping everyone straight.

    I’m sorry to hear that this country of mine is responsible for so much of the text language! I think we as Americans take the language for granted, hence writing “to” (or 2, ugh) when we mean “too” or “two”. As a wannabe writer and/or editor, I’m constantly doing my best to avoid errors, especially when it comes to foreign pen pals who are trying to improve their English. I’m glad to know that I if I slip and curse or use “lol” you’ll forgive me, but like I said those occurrences are already pretty rare for me.

    Yay for address label obsessions! Since my son is a little too little to pick out his own gifts for me, I ordered new labels for my Christmas gift from him, haha! By all means insist your pen pals put their address on their envelopes, but another option in lieu of a physical address book is saving them on your computer in a document. I hope someone is thoughtful enough to get you some for Christmas! I’d be happy if Gabe (my husband) bought me some International ones for the occasion 😀

    I don’t blame you one bit for reusing the stamps. Like you said, you have to quit postcrossing because of how it has become much more expensive so every little bit helps! Although they’re not a huge help to you right now, I’m glad you at least have the option of Forever stamps. Our actual post office isn’t very far away, but their hours are pretty minimal. On the weekdays I think they’re only open for 3 and a half hours. I love how you said “…and write to a new one after the assignments are done 😉 ” If you’re interested in stamps from the US I can start saving them for you now that I know you collect them. Maybe then you really won’t mind all the globes you’re likely to see.

    • I do rewrite letters now and then but it’s REALLY rare and usually happens when I’ve lost the letter or some things have changed TOTALLY – for example of a relationship has ended/started and before I wrote a lot about the relationship/being single.. But it happens REALLY rarely and nowadays just when the letter has gotten lost in the mail – no time to start rewriting the whole letter even if I’ve only written a couple of pages 😀
      And I didn’t really mind she took longer than she said as we’re both a bit slow when writing letters to each other but those are usually quite long (she has TINY handwriting and fills 2 A4 papers or more everytime :D) so I’m used to waiting for her letters that come a couple of times a year 🙂

      I’ve had MANY penpals a couple of years ago and of course there has been some misunderstandings when two people have similar or same name or birthdays are at the same day but luckily I’m usually so forgetful that I reread letters from time to time and write down the most important parts, for example birthdays 🙂 But there are always mistakes and misunderstandings when humans are included 🙂

      I’m happy my American pal uses proper English and avoids text language as well but there has been times in penpalling sites where there are people messaging me with text language and it really puts me off.. 😦 No, I don’t want to write with you if you can’t use proper English 😦
      I use smileys instead of dots in my letters and it can get hard for some people but so far most have been okay with that but I’d understand if that would bother someone.. Or the fact that I use two dots instead of one 😀 I’ve been asked about it and it’s a habit I can’t grow out of (just like swear word or lol here and there is for some people :))

      I think I once tried to write all of my pals’ addresses to a word document but it got a bit messy.. But that could be a great idea now that I have a clean room and try to store everything letter writing related in one place.. Need to try that after Christmas!! I could also print the list out 😛 But I am grateful for the pals who use address labels or write their addresses on the envelope! 🙂 Save me the work of looking for the address book/email with their address 😀
      I told my friends and parents to buy me some (angrily telling that the stupid Itella (mail “company” in Finland) forces us to pay 1€ per stamp soon) and most of the time they’ve been okay about that – my childhood friend (with whom I usually just exchange books during birthdays and Christmas) even asked me if there’s a stamp set I really want or can she decide it by herself 🙂 Love people who understand my mail obsession even when they don’t usually send anything<3 😀

      Yup! The forever stamps are helpful whenever the prices change, in some countries they have the value on the stamp and I feel a bit sorry whenever the price changes and they have no use for the older stamps (usually they need to add some new stamps as well) – for example the rise of domestic postage in Germany.. First it was 0,58€ in January it's going to be 0,6€.. So they need 2 cent stamp if they want to use the old domestic stamps 😦
      Only 3 hours?!?!? :O Wow! In Finland those are open at least 8 hours a day (or at least I've seen post offices that are open 9am-5pm if not longer).. And when those are located within a store those can be open even longer, like my closest PO while I lived in student apartments – it was open from 7am to 11pm! LOADS of time to go and pick up a parcel or send something.. And in there most of the clerks knew what they were doing! 🙂 Though they almost never smiled 😦
      That would be amazing, thank you! 🙂 Oh, and I'm probably sending you an email tonight as soon as I get tomorrow's presentation done 😉 ..or get bored and need a short break 😀 Deadlines are this week and I only have two small exams.. I'm soon done with this and can start my Christmas vacation<3 😀

      • Oh, that makes me so excited that I should be getting an email from you soon! I can already tell we’re going to be fast friends 🙂 I will start saving one of each kind of stamp I get from my pen pals. That was nice of your friend to ask you if there were certain stamps you wanted for your own use!

        The post office where I used to live was open from 9-5 (and one of the two people I usually saw NEVER smiled either!), but the town where I live now is too small to want to function more than they have to. It drives me crazy, but at least it’s open at all and I’m pretty sure people can pick up mail from their P.O. boxes anytime and not just during those few hours.

        I’m glad you like the word document idea; I definitely think it could be helpful as you get more and more organized. I’ll be updating all of my addresses come the new year as well. I know there are some birthdays I’m missing from the pen pals I acquired this year as well so that list will be getting updated, too. I have yet to confuse any of my pen pals, thankfully! Sometimes when I first start writing someone I will make all sorts of notes (I asked her this, I told her that) so I don’t repeat myself, but once I get to know them I usually remember the smaller details.

        I usually respond to letters within a day or two of getting them so nothing ever changes so dramatically that I’d rewrite a letter, though in your case it does make sense. No point mentioning a relationship or something if it ended before it ever really began.

      • Thank you so much<3 I really hope Christmas mail won't lose the letters! 🙂 And thank you! I'll be really grateful for the USA stamps! 🙂

        Oh.. In Finland small towns or villages don't even have their own POs but those are in some kiosks or stores.. Some are located in stores even in bigger towns – for example I study in Porvoo, which is a town of 50,000 people and they have 1 main post offices and the 2(?) other ones are located within stores so they are open longer than the main PO 🙂 And that way the lines in the PO won't get too long as the parcels that are distributed won't all have to be picked up from the same point 🙂

        I'm really disorganised and I bet I'd just misplace papers with notes on what I wrote to my pal.. Usually my first letters contain info (and some points/questions of the topics my pal wrote in her letters if I'm not the first one to write) and from there on I usually go by what I get as topics in the next letter.. And news are always shared in the letters 🙂 If I wait for a letter for a long time I might start a small note on what I must tell my pal when her/his letter comes 🙂

        I really wish I could reply in a day or two but right now it's impossible.. Probably after Christmas it'll be a lot easier if I get rid of my "waiting for replies" pile during the Christmas days when we give up our internet 😛

      • I retrieved the stamps from the two Christmas cards I received today to enclose with the letter I’m currently working on for you. If they’re repeats you can just throw them away. I’ll keep saving them as I get more 🙂

        That’s too bad that actual post offices are so few and far between. Knowing that makes me a little less upset that mine is only open for a couple hours.

        The notes that I keep are usually all in one notebook. Well, I keep birthdays in the same place where I keep addresses, but the other stuff (e.g. spouse’s name) is in a separate notebook or else I’d also lose track of all the loose papers. I’m hoping to finish your letter today yet, so then I can jot down the things I’ve told you about me and my family and the questions I’ve asked you too 🙂

      • I doubt those will be doubles as I hardly ever receive Christmas stamps outside of Europe 🙂 I have some old USA Christmas cards but those are from 70s/80s as I bought a huge bag full of used stamps 😀 And if those are doubles I can always use those to decorate envelopes/papers or offer to other collectors if they don’t have those 🙂

        Yup! 😀 Your PO is probably better one than the ones closest to me.. Ours are open but the clerks have no idea what they’re doing unless you’re just picking up a parcel that didn’t fit your mailbox 🙂 I can’t wait to see what kind of a line there will be in Porvoo PO tomorrow morning as I need to post two packages within Finland and one to Egypt.. I think I’ll need to line up for ~15 minutes as it’s nearly Christmas 🙂

        Haha 😀 I have my own chaos with everything so I doubt I would remember to fill in the notebook.. And I don’t think I’d have the time to right now 😀 But it’s an idea I could try to work on when I’m bored and have absolutely nothing to do 😀
        I can’t wait to hear that the letter is mailed and starts its travel to Finland :3

      • Oh, they’re not Christmas stamps, they were just regular ones that the senders used (though one is winter-y). Best of luck sending the Christmas packages off tomorrow! I hope the workers there don’t get too confused!

      • Oh I must have misread it then while being tired 😀
        Thank you! 🙂 Luckily I get to go to the main PO in the city/town I study in so the clerks SHOULD know what they’re doing 😀 I just hope the wind would grow a bit weaker so I have the guts to go and walk outside 😀

  3. Oon melkeinpä samaa mieltä sun kanssa kaikissa kohdissa!! Ehdottomasti eniten ärsyttää just noi persoonattomat kirjeet!! Mulla on ollut monia kirjekavereita, jotka aina vaan vastaa mun kysymyksiin eikä mitään muuta! Ei ikinä kerro miten on muuten mennyt(muutaku ehkä sanonnu jotain “on ollu paljon kokeita/oon kiireinen koulussa/ym.). Ite yritän aina kirjottaa paljon itsestäni/miten mulla on mennyt/jutuista mitä just sillä hetkellä kiinnostaa jne. ja kyselen aina kaikenlaista. Sit ärsyttää ku takasin tulee just ja just 1 A4, tuntuu ettei se kirjekaveri välittäis tutustua muhun yhtään, ku mä oon se ainut aktiivinen osapuoli. Tai sit jos tulee pitempi vastaus, niin se on sellanen, että se on monta sivua paasannu vaan jostain tietystä jutusta. Esim. mä olin kerran kysynyt yhdeltä Israelissa asuvalta niitten juhlapäivistä/uskontojutuista. Se sitten valehtelematta kirjotti ainakin 5 sivua täyteen sepustuksia kaikista juhlapäivistä, ei mitään muuta! Sitku sain sen kirjeen, niin hyvä että jaksoin lukea loppuun, sen käialaki oli vielä sellasta tosi kiemuraista et oli vaikee senki puolesta lukee sitä :’D Ja eihän sitä sit oikein tienny, mitä tollaseen kirjeeseen oikein pysty ees vastaamaan, ku se oli jo kertonnu kaiken, eikä kysynny mitään kysymyksiä vastaavasti multa. Eli aina pitkätkään kirjeet ei oo hyvästä xD

    Oon antanut monelle kirjekaverille monta mahdollisuutta, mutta ei ne vaan oo muuttanut tapojansa. Yhdenkin tytön kanssa olin kirjevaihdossa yli 2v, mutten voi sanoa tunteneeni sitä yhtään. :/ Tällästen ihmiten kanssa ei jaksa/viitsi hirveesti kirjotella, ku tuntuu, että aina toistetaan samaa eikä tutustu siihen ihmiseen yhtään.. En tajuu miten jollekki voi olla niin vaikeeta vähän osottaa kiinnostusta kirjekavereitaan kohtaan..tai sit ne ei vaan oo oikeesti niin innostuneita kirjeenvaihdosta ja uusiin ihmisiin tutustumisesta kuin mä.

    Muuten ei haittaa, vaikka jotkut kirjottaakin vastauksen hitaasti, koska se on ymmärrettävää, että elämässä on muutakin kuin kirjeenvaihto. Mullakin kestää välllä vastauksissa, eikä mulle oo koskaan valitettu. Varmaan just noi ‘vanhemmat rouvat’ jotka on harrastanut kirjeenvaihtoa sen parikymmentä vuotta, on tiukempia ja vaatimampia. Luin kerran netistä, että jonkun kirjekaveri oli suuttunut, kun sille ei ollu tullut yhtäainutta kirjettä sinä päivänä! Mun mielestä kirjeenvaihdon pitäis olla hauskaa ja mukavaa ajanvietettä ja muihin ihmisiin tutustumista, ei sellasta, että on tarkat säännöt kirjeiden pituuksista ja siitä kuinka nopeesti pitää vastata. Toi alkaa kuulostaa jo enemmänkin pakonomaiselta ja bisnesmäiseltä, alkuperäinen idea on hävinnyt. :/

    Toinen juttu tuli kanssa mieleen, että aina ei voi tietää kuinka sincere(en muista nyt tota sanaa suomeks :D) ne kirjekaverit on. Tää tuli mulle mieleen, ku monet ulkomaalaiset tykkää Muumeista. Moni Muumifani on pyytänyt mua kirjeenvaihtoon, ja pariin oonkin suostunut. Mut pistää mietityttämään, et tahtooko ne oikeesti tutustua muhun vai kirjotteleekohan ne mun kanssa vaa sen takii, että lähettäisin niille Muumijuttuja? Tää tulee varsinkin mieleen silloin, jos tälläsen henkilön kirjeet on kanssa tosi persoonattomia ja lyhyitä. Lähetän mielelläni isojakin lahjoja kirjekavereille(isoja lahjoja lähetän kyllä vaan kahdelle parhaalle kaverille), mutta tuntii ikävältä, jos ne odottaa ennemmän niitä Muumijuttuja kuin itse kirjettä 😦 Ja sit kanssa jos on joku Muumifanikirjekaveri, niin aina mietityttää, että pettyykö ne jos lähetän niille joskus jotain muuta kuin Muumijuttuja. En mä kuitenkaa mikää Muumikuriiri tahdo olla ja Muumit on kalliitaki vielä! Heh, tää taitaa olla jo alkuperäisestä aiheesta ylimenevää mut oli pakko avautua ku tuli tälläinen sopiva sauma :’D

    Tulipas pitkä viesti 😮

    • KIITOS ihanan pitkästä kommentista, harmi että eilinen vastaus katosi kiitos kiukuttelevan netin, enkä sitä jaksanut sitten heti kirjoitella uudelleen :/

      Tosi ihanaa kuulla etten vaikuttanu kauheelta valittajalta, kun laitoin tekstin menemään (kauan mietin että kehtaako laittaa kokonaisuudessaan ja vähän kyllä sensoroinkin, mutten kuitenkaan liikaa). Mukavaa että muut on samaa mieltä 🙂
      Persoonattomat kirjeet on kamalia, mutta 5 sivua pelkästään juhlapäivistä?? :O Hieman turhan paljon, taisi käydä kaikki läpi ihan kaikkia pieniä yksityiskohtia myöten? Itse en pakosti olisi jaksanut lukea tai olisin pitänyt taukoa sivujen välillä 🙂 Itse kirjoitan juhlista yleensä vain mainiten ne ja ehkä kertoen tärkeimpiä osasia, mutta niin että kunnon n. puolen sivun-sivun selittelyt jää niille joita oikeasti kiinnostaa ja jotka oikeasti kyselevät juhlista tarkemmin.. Tuskin taidat enää kirjoitella kyseisen kaverin kanssa? 🙂

      On ihan mahdollista ettei kaikkia kiinnosta kirjeenvaihto niin paljoa kuin toisia! :/ Muun muassa “penpal collectors” välittää vaan saamastaan postista, ei sen laadusta tai mitä itse laittaa menemään.. Sitten taas joillakin voi olla kielimuuri (en kyllä ymmärrä miksi silloin yrittää saada kirjekavereita ulkomailta jos koko kirje lukemisesta kirjoittamiseen onnistuu vain google translatorin kautta :/) tai ihan perinteinen laiskuus – jotkut vaan eivät jaksa kirjoittaa kun vain sen sivun tai kaksi eivätkä edes ajattele että voivat kirjoittaa pitkän kirjeen pitämällä taukoja tai kirjoittamalla useana eri päivänä! Ite jaan kirjottamisen useille päiville aina kun on kiireitä ja kirjeistä tulee ihan yhtä hyviä ellei parempiakin kuin jos ne kirjoittaisi yhteen menoon 🙂
      Mutta meillä molemmilla taitaa olla hankaluuksia päästää kirjekaveri menemään? 🙂 Onneksi tulee nyt syitä alkaa karsia kirjekavereita niin että kirjoittaa vain niille jotka on kiinnostavia ja joiden kanssa on keskusteltavaa 🙂

      Kuinka joku voi suuttua ettei saa kirjettä joka päivä? :O Itse oon onnellinen jos aktiivisena aikana tulee se 2-3 kirjettä viikossa, silloin kun on kiireitä eikä ehdi kirjoittaa pariin viikkoon-kuukauteen niin oon onnellinen jos saan kirjeen edes joka toinen tai kolmas viikko! 🙂 Onhan tyhjä postilaatikko aina hieman masentava näky, mutta ei siitä nyt pidä suuttua vaan alkaa sitten odotella seuraavaa päivää! 🙂 Ja aivan kuten sanoit, kirjeenvaihdon pitäs olla harrastus eikä mitään pakkopullaa 🙂 Joskus ei huvita kirjoittaa, toisinaan taas olisi energiaa ja jaksamista kirjoittaaa vaikka kymmenen kirjettä kerralla 🙂 Ei harrastukselle kannata tai pidä laittaa mitään sääntöjä! 🙂

      AA! Toi multa sitten jäi näköjään pois, vaikka itekin mietin sitä kun olin listaa kasaamassa!! AIna yhtä masentavaa kun vastaan tulee ihmisiä, jotka on vaan tavaran eikä ystävyyden perässä!! Silloin pitäisi etsiä kuriiria eikä mitään kirjekaveria 😦 Itsellä on useampi kirjekaveri jotka on Muumifaneja – toisen kanssa jutellaan Muumeista ja niistä tavaroista yleisesti, silloin tällöin laitan kuoreen Muumi merkin tai teen/kortin kirjeen mukana pieninä ihanina piristeinä.. Toinen kirjekaveri taas on todella kylmä eikä oikein vaikuta välittävän tutustumisesta yhtään vaan haluaisi vain ja ainoastaan puhua Muumeista ja omaakin useamman (lähemmäs 10) suomalaista kirjekaveria joilta kaikilta kertoo saavansa Muumi tuotteita.. Tässä vaiheessa alkoi hälytyskellot soida enkä henkilöstä ole kuullutkaan sen jälkeen 🙂 Lahjojen lähettely kannattaa jättää parhaimmille kirjekavereille ja muille laittaa jotain pientä silloin tällöin jos välillä on oikeasti ystävyyttä eikä vaan kuriiri-vastaanottaja suhde 😀

      Kiva että lisäsit tän!! Itepähän kyselin että onko jotain mitä unohdin listata 🙂

  4. Huomiota herättävä otsikko! Itsellä ainakin heti nousi mielenkiinto ja kiinnostuneena kävin lukemaan.. 🙂 Oon noista kyllä monista samaa mieltä, niitä oli niin paljon että en yksitellen jaksa alkaa erittelemään 😀 Mutta osaa en kyllä edes ollut tullut ajatelleeksi! Itse en esimerkiksi kerää postimerkkejä niin ei ole tullut vastaan tuota postimerkkien palautus ongelmaa. Tosta mun pitää kysyä muuten, että miten saat leimaamattomat postimerkit irti kirjekuoresta/kortista siististi, niin että niitä pystyisi vielä uudelleen käyttämään? :O Tarvitaanko siihen jotain erityistaitoja 😀 Oon Suomesta saanut monesti postia niin, että merkkejä ei ole leimattu…

    • Ei tätä postausta suunniteltukaan kun lähes 2 kuukautta ja sitten eilen sen sitte sainki kasaan 🙂
      Postimerkkien palautusta ei oo tullu vastaan hirveen usein, muistaakseni 2 kirjekavereiden ja kerran swappaajien parissa (sillä tavalla että merkkejä uudelleen käytettäisiin vaikka mikä olisi) ja sitten kerran tai kaks että kirjekaveri haluaisi merkit kokoelmiinsa.. 🙂 Ite oon saanu suomalaisilta kirjekavereilta tiettyjä postimerkkejä silläkin tavalla että laitan niille merkkisetin menemään ja pyydän että käyttäisi ne mun kirjeisiin 🙂
      Postimerkit saa melko helpolla irti (kunhan osaa olla hellävarainen) 🙂 Leikkaa irti kuoresta ja laittaa likoomaan lämpimään veteen useammaks minuutiks 🙂 Jotkut merkit lähtee ajan kanssa itestään irti paperista, toisia pitää irrotella hellävaroen 🙂
      Tuolla olisi joitain ohjeita:

      • Niin ja korteista en merkkejä ole saanut irti korttia tuhoamatta niin ainakin itse jätän ne kortit rauhaan jotka on todella nättejä ja menee kokoelmiin, vaikka merkki olisikin leimaamaton 🙂

  5. Koskettava aihe, pakko laittaa kommenttia. 😀

    En tiedä olenko sinua vanhempi ja onko tämä töykeää neuvomista, mutta tuon “impersonal letters”-kohdan perusteella olet ehkä vähän liian anteeksiantavainen! Kirjeenvaihto on siitä(kin) ihanaa, että ensivaikutelmaan voi yleensä luottaa!

    Mistä tullaan siihen, että minua ei oikein kirjeenvaihdossa ärsytä mikään, mutta kirjeenvaihtoILMOITUKSISSA on alkanut ärsyttää se “Ei yhden kirjeen kirjoittajille”. Sehän on sama kuin laittaisi deitti-ilmoitukseen että “Ei yhden treffin treffailijoille” – eihän sitä nyt voi naimisiin lupautua sellaisen kanssa jota ei ole edes koskaan nähnyt. 😀 Ihan älytöntä!

    Oliskohan tuossa! Kiva oli lukea noita muidenkin kommentteja, varsinkin Jennyn!

    • Jee! Mahtavaa että saa keskustelua aikaa! 🙂

      Ei oo törkeää neuvomista, tiiän itekin olevani liian anteeksiantavainen.. Yritän aina uskoa parasta ihmisistä ja annan yleensä turhan monta mahdollisuutta, kun kirjekaverin hylkääminen tuntuu aina niin hirveän vaikealta, vaikkei henkilön kanssa niin paljoa kirjottelekaan :/
      Ja luultavasti oon anteeksiantavainen senkin takia, että oon useaan otteeseen saanu lyhyen ja aika tyhjähkön ensi kirjeen, vastannut melko pitkästi ja kirjekaverin seuraava kirje onkin sitten ollut paljon pidempi, syvällisempi ja mukaansatempaava 🙂

      JOO!! Itse en enää oikeen halua edes katsella niitä ilmoituksia noiden kaikkien vaatimusten takia – joku kertoo että kirje saa olla korkeintaan niin ja niin pitkä/lyhyt (kerran näin ilmoituksen jossa kerrottiin että kirje saa olla maksimissaan 4 A5 sivua!!), haluaa vain ja ainoastaan pitkäaikaisia kirjekavereita ja kirjeiden välinen aika saa olla vain näin ja näin pitkä.. En ymmärrä, eikö kirjoittamisessa ideana ole kirjottaa aina kun on aikaa, jutella kirjeen välityksellä ja kertoa omaan elämäänsä koskevia uutisia? 🙂

      Oli! Itse pitää vielä siihen Jennynkin kommenttiin vastata kun eilinen vastaus päätti olla lähtemättä kiitos kiukuttelevan netin 🙂

      • Kiitos mukavasta vastauksesta, ja oli ihana huomata että olen saavuttanut niin suuren luottamuksen että kommenttini julkaistui suoraan. 😀 Olet oikeassa, ensimmäinen kirje voi tosiaan joillakin olla vähän pidättyväinen, mutta toisen kirjeen perusteella varmaan saa jo ihan riittävän hyvän kuvan. Kirjemaailman ulkopuolella yritän kans aina uskoa parasta ihmisistä, mikä on johtanut minut pulaan monta monta kertaa! 😀

      • Kiitos kommenteista! 😀
        Itse oon aivan urpo WordPressin kautta, mutta vaikuttaa siltä että ensimmäiset kommentit kaikilta tulee aina hyväksyttää blogin kirjoittajalla ja sen jälkeen ne tulee automaattisesti (wordpressin käyttäjien kommentit taitaa kuitenkin tulla aina automaattisesti) 🙂
        Kuulostaa turhankin tutulta..:D Mutta joo, ehkä nyt alkaa tarkempi kirjekavereiden läpi käynti kun hinnat nousee taas kerran ja sellaiselle tasolle ettei mitään sivun tai kahden kirjeitä enää halua laittaa vaan kirjeen pitää sitten olla sen 0,9-1€ arvonen! 🙂

  6. I don’t mind long wait for letters either. Sometimes time just flies by and before you realize it, months have gone by…or even half a year or a whole year. Sometimes (especially with newer penpals) I worry though that a long time without replying means they won’t write again, since that has happened to me often already…after some time you just give up. If their first letters all came within a few days/weeks, and then all of a sudden a year goes by without even so much as a postcard or anything, then I just assume they won’t write anymore.
    I don’t like long waits though when after that long wait a short letter comes with hardly anything in it, or an impersonal letter or something like that. (Postcards being sent in between, before you get to the actual letter, that is fine with me 🙂 )

    Typed letters, well, I think so far I’ve never gotten one, but I wouldn’t mind it I think…Some people’s handwriting is really hard to read, even though I’m quite good at reading handwritings.
    With typed letters it depends on how they are written, if the letter is impersonal, then I don’t like it. But if it’s just like a handwritten letter, an interesting letter and all, just typed, then I don’t mind.
    Maybe some people don’t like typed letters cause it reminds them of official correspondence or things like that…could be a reason…

    Complaining..sometimes there are just things you gotta get off your chest…so I don’t mind either..after all not everything in life is always good and perfect…

    Uncancelled stamps..I don’t think that has ever happened here in Germany…they are always cancelled. But I’ve gotten stamps from Finland already that weren’t cancelled…

    With short letters it’s the same for me as it is for you…my first letter to a new person is usually short…some don’t even write back. So I don’t want to tell that person lots about myself or write a long letter, and then nothing comes back. But after that my letters get longer then, usually at least. If the person only writes impersonal letters, then it’s hard to find something to write about, also if they ignore all the questions you ask, or don’t ask any questions of their own. Then my reply will be short too, because then I won’t know really what to write…

    I’ve received a letter once and it read like someone’s profile or “about me”…it could have been sent to like anybody…the same letter for every person, that’s what it seemed like. Maybe that person wasn’t good with English..but even people who aren’t that good in English can write more personal letters.

    I hate this text language too..or those abbreviations, a “cu” at times, like at the end of the letter would be fine, but not too much. I don’t think I ever had someone write to me like that least not in English.
    In Spanish this is really worse…many spanish-speaking people can’t spell properly, especially those living in USA, so it can turn into torture trying to read what they write..

    Oh yeah, such mistakes like their/they’re/there, two/too and so on…that bothers me too… I notices all those mistakes usually, my brain seems to be unable to skip over them. When the person isn’t a native speaker, then making mistakes is ok, I probably make mistakes at times too…
    But native speakers shouldn’t make those mistakes. But I see it so often, and with Spanish-speaking it’s worse…in Spanish they don’t pronounce the letter “h” some people just add it to the word wherever they want to…or don’t write it at all
    Like in Spanish, the words “ahí” (there) and “hay” (there is), people mix those up, or write “ay”, “ahy”. I’ve been told that my Spanish is better than the Spanish of some native speakers, lol. That shouldn’t be like that…native speakers should be the one to know the language better than people learning it…

    I think I’m guilty of having used the word “lol” when I wrote letters to you…I don’t think I used it too often, but I’ll try to pay attention and avoid it from now on…

    I always put my return address on the envelope, also in case the recipient can’t be reached, or someone has problems reading my addy, or something else happens, so that the letter can be returned to me.

    Stamps…sometimes it is hard here in Germany to find many different stamps. Sure, lots of stamps get released, but mostly for national mail…
    So right now when you want to send a normal letter outside of Germany, you have to put either a 75 cent stamps (and there are only like 5 different ones of those), or you put a 58 cent stamp plus 2 cent plus 10 cent plus 5 cent (or 45 cent plus 20 plus 10)
    So I can imagine that for many people simply using a 75 cent stamp is simply easier….
    Especially since with those 2, 10, 5 cent stamps there isn’t really a huge variety and smaller post offices may not even have those….
    I’ve gotten some of those stamps recently at the bigger post office (2, 5, 10 stamps) so that I can use more variety for letters outside of Germany.
    And Germany loves selling their packages of 10 stamps (10 times the same stamp), and the post employees sometimes get annoyed when someone comes and says “I want 2 stamps of stamp x, 4 of stamp y, 5 of stamp z”, or so. Some are like then “why don’t you get such a package of 10 stamps, that’s faster?”…
    Because those packages with 10 stamps, they have them laying around and they just need to pull out one or more and hand it to you.
    When you ask for different stamps, sometimes you even get weird looks…like “but they are all the same value, why not take the 10 stamps of the same one?”…(that’s the feeling I get at times of post employees here)

    • Thank you for the comment and input on the subject! 🙂 And sorry for the late reply :S School work and this week’s exams kept me busy for the whole weekend 🙂 All of my blog posts for the weekend were scheduled so I didn’t have to worry about those 🙂

      You’ve never received a typed letter? Wow! 😀 I’ve received quite many and sometimes I’m a bit surprised by the reasons why people type, for example one of my old Finnish pals typed a letter as she had just gotten a new printer.. 😀 Her handwriting was pretty and there was no problems with her health/hands.. I just guess typing was faster so that she could spend more time with her boyfriend 🙂

      I’ve received a couple of letters from Germany where the stamp wasn’t cancelled.. 🙂 But it’s usually only a couple of stamp when the envelope is seriously covered in stamps.. But when I got some mint German stamps via postcrossing (that I didn’t have in my collections) I sent the stamps to a pal to use and she did but those weren’t stamped!! JUST my luck! 😀 But yeah, in Finland that’s really common 🙂

      I have the same “problem” with you – if their letters are short mine are as well.. For example my old flatmate sent me a postcard and told she waited for the “first letter” from me even though I sent my last letter in June and she told me she had received it.. I didn’t have that much to say as my life is the same old bore and revolves entirely around school so the letter was a bit short.. We’ll see when she’s going to write back, if she does..

      I hope I’m not guilty of writing first letters that seem more like about me section of a penpalling site :S I always try my best to write personal first letters but from time to time those can feel a bit impersonal.. :S

      I’m happy to only write letters in Finnish and English and most of the time I can read the text message language (thanks to the internet and Facebook/Lamebook posts :)) But I still wouldn’t like to use it personally or receive anything written with it..

      Yup! And mistakes with then/than.. I’ve tried to shut my brain for those while reading but as I need to proofread my own school texts (one reason so many typos slip in to my blog posts, I don’t proofread those :S) most of the time I just spot the mistakes immediately 😦
      OUCH! That really is bad when a foreigner has better Spanish skills than a native! :S

      Sometimes there is a lol in your letters but it doesn’t bother as much as ending every or every second sentence with lol 🙂 That really makes me see red, especially when it’s used as a dot……..

      In Finland getting a variety of different stamps from Post Offices can be a challenge as well – the smaller ones have the newest ones, the ones that are sold in the boxes of 100 (used to be Aurora Borealis, now Berries) and maybe a couple of sheets of some other stamps while main offices USUALLY have a bigger selection.. But the easiest way to get stamps you want is just to order those online.. I do it most of the time and the only problem is that you never know how long it’s going to take for the stamps to arrive :/ And unlike in Germany we do have a rather big selection of stamps for international use and every post office has 5 or 10 cent stamps that can be added to our domestic stamps.. So I bet it’s a BIT easier in here.. And I do understand the problem that comes with having 58 cent stamps for domestic mail.. Who on earth came up with such a value? 😀 Luckily/unfortunately it changes to 60 cents which is probably a lot easier, not having to battle with the 2 cent stamps 🙂
      Is it true that the flower stamps are being made all the time so that the 75 cent flower stamp won’t end? I heard such a “rumour” from someone and got interested 😀 Do Germans like their flowers so much? 🙂 Or is it just the Post?
      And it seems like Finnish Post is a bit more eager to help and live with the motto “the customer is always right” as I’ve never heard any clerks complaining when someone goes to them and asks 2 of x stamp, 3 of y and 5 of z.. 🙂 I’m just too shy to ask that way but my best friend did that and I was holding my breath waiting for the clerk to say something to that 🙂 But luckily most of them are nice and understanding 🙂 Too bad the old lady from the closest PO to me retired nearly 2 years ago.. She was always so kind, smiled and showed the newest stamps the moment I walked in 🙂 That’s what I call customer service<3

      • Ok, yeah, I kinda thought you’d be busy with school work and so on…
        What exactly are “scheduled posts”? Been wondering about that for a while…Do you have those blog posts prepared already, and just post them at a certain time? If I remember correctly from when I posted at some blog a while ago, you could save the blog posts as a draft and publish them when they are ready…?

        At least as far as I remember I never received a typed letter. Well, not counting newsletters, some time ago I joined some X-Files club, and their monthly newsletter was printed. But that is something different, as that wasn’t really from a penpal.
        Right now I can’t think of any penpal that ever sent me a typed letter…
        Typing a letter to test out the new printer, well, that it also an interesting reason to do that…:P

        I don’t really receive many letters from Germany, so I guess receiving a letter here that isn’t cancelled would be like a miracle. I get more letters from outside of Germany than from within Germany. But looks then like uncancelled stamps can happen here as well then, maybe if the person puts the letters into a mailbox and the person who looks after them then has so many letters on that day that he/she just forgets about cancelling some…

        Your letter was far from being impersonal. So don’t worry…you wrote lots of things, asked questions and so on. That one person who wrote me (and that letter came from her months after I contacted her), well, her letter read like this: “My name is…, I am x years old, I live in…, My hobbies are… My favorite bands are…, My favorite books/movies are…, etc”
        There wasn’t a single question in the whole letter, like she wasn’t even interested in getting to know me better…
        And she contacted me about being penfriends, so I expected a bit more interest coming from her…
        She contacted me October 2012, and she is still basically a stranger to me, especially since I didn’t hear from her since January…when her last and so far only letter came. I’m wondering now if maybe I should send her some christmas card and see if she replies to that…maybe my letter didn’t arrive…can’t really imagine though that it’s gotten lost, but who knows.
        For me letter writing means an exchange…asking the other person questions, answering the questions of your penpal, talking about things that happen in your life, and so on.
        She didn’t do those things, and she didn’t even like sign her letter…no “bye, take, care, hope to hear from you soon” plus name, like she forgot about that…
        It’s hard to explain…what exactly is impersonal about her letter. Maybe I would change my mind about her in her second letter, but since I’m still waiting for a second letter, I have no idea if that one would be different from her first letter.
        Your letters always give me lots of ideas on what to write back…whereas her letter only made me want to reply things like “Ok, fine, nice, that’s cool” and so on….but that’s not how you can write a letter…With her I had to really think hard to come up with a reply..whereas the letters to you have basically written itself…:P I barely found an end when writing to you…and I had the feeling I’m gonna explode if I don’t write it down.
        And also with the last letter you sent so far, I’ve already started to write a reply in my head, I’ll probably have to start soon to write a reply, so that it’ll stop running through my head all the time… a letter there is no reason to use text language. There is enough space to write the whole words. I can understand using it in text messages on your cell phone, or twitter, since there is a limit of 160 characters or so…so I sometimes shorten words there too if the text message gets too long…but when you don’t have a limit, then I don’t understand why to use that…

        I just almost made a mistake with then/than too…but I think I caught it in time 😛
        I don’t really notice that many typos in your blog posts, do you correct them when you notice them? (or are those typos more when you write in Finnish?)

        Ok, good then 🙂 Writing lol for me seems to be something that just happens, I write it automatically at times, in this comment here several lol’s wanted to slip into it already…but I replaced them by a smilie…(hopefully the smilies will show correctly 🙂 )

        I just went and counted..there are 7 stamps with the 75 cent value (plus the annoying flower stamp 😛 ) and many of the stamps have been around for quite some time. And the value of the stamps for international mail hasn’t changed in a few years, since it went up from 70 cents to 75 (I think), I’m so used already to the 75 cent stamps that I’m not sure anymore how it was before then….:P

        Yeah..the flower stamps are being made all the time, they are labelled “permanent series”…Not sure if it’s the post office that likes flowers that much..or people. But I think many people don’t really care about stamps…
        And maybe if the post office prints the flower stamp in masses, it may get cheaper from them. And those people who maybe only send official letters, to companies, agencies and similar things, only formal letters, they don’t care about stamps probably, since there the envelopes will probably get thrown away anyway.
        I mean, I don’t use nice stamps either for such official letters, for such letters I use the flower stamps then too…
        If nobody would want the flower stamps, then they wouldn’t print them, I guess…
        Other stamps may be sold out at some point, or disappear again, but the flower stamps are always available. And when you ask for 75 cent stamps, the first ones they show you are the flower stamps. Unless the mailman/-woman knows you already and knows your interest in different stamps.
        Once in my local post office I came and asked about 75 cent stamps and the post office employee was like “Look, we just got new ones, are you interested in those?”
        I never bought stamps online…they want shipping costs of like 3 euros for the stamps…so I prefer to buy stamps when I’m in the city anyway…
        And they only sell packages of 10 stamps, 10 of the same stamp, and I don’t want that many of the exact same stamp. In the post office I can choose which ones I want..though they also prefer to sell you a whole package of stamps, and not individual ones…

        Well, here the post employees don’t really complain either if I ask about different stamps..except for that one grumpy guy…lol..where I’m always happy if he ain’t there when I come. But when the queue at the post office is so long that the people are standing at the door already..or even outside of the post office..then I just feel bad (or too shy) about asking about many different stamps, then I just take what they offer to me.
        But when nobody is there ..or hardly anybody, then I sometimes ask about different stamps and so on…

  7. The things that annoys me most out of your list is definitely imopersonal letters, for obvious reasons, and the stamp prices.
    Here in Sweden the postage for an international letter or postcard is 1.3 euro, and if the letter weights more than 20g you have to pay double. So compared to us your postage prices are heavenly! 😉
    Well, ok, there is another thing on your list that annoys me too: the request to return stamps. I don’t collect stamps, but I save my letters and don’t want to cut or steam or in any other way harm the envelope to get the stamp off! (Plus, the letter isn’t complete without the stamp.)

    In general I am not a fan of putting up rules when it comes to penpalling. Whatever works works, and I write short to some penpals, long to others, pour out my heart to some and chat about silly things to other. Or a mix of all above.

    Something that you have not listed that annoys me just a little bit is when my penpals don’t write the date in their letters. It’s definitely not a deal breaker, but I do really prefer to know what date the letter is written for future reference. It’s also interesting to know how long time has passed from the point the letter was written until it reach my mailbox.

  8. I have to admit, I share a few of your pet-peeves. I myself hate it when I go to the post office, and because my letter is just a bit off, I have to pay $14 as opposed to $1.50 (give or take, mail prices keep changing) for an international letter. Ridiculous.

  9. Holy long comments!! 😛
    As an occasional post office clerk in a retail outlet, I must defend myself hehe, differences between stamps should never be a matter of confusion as they are what is most commonly sold, however, in my outlet at least, things like ”mail holding and forwarding”, and funky ”charged to account” business mail sometimes has me stumped because they are rare occurrences, in fact, I don’t think retail outlet counters should be handling those things as we are only there as a convenient location for mailing purposes and I am not paid government wages like regular postal workers, in fact, our wages are about a third of what theirs are.

    As for stamp rates, I could not agree with you more about how annoying the prices are. In Canada, it is 0.85cents to a domestic letter under 30 grams. If you buy an individual stamp instead of a book, they are 1.00$ each. USA postage is 1.20$ and international is 2.50$ and sadly, the moment the letter does not fit through the tiny thickness gauge or weighs more than 30 grams, the price shoots up to over 5.00$ for an international letter which means I always have to limit my contents to less than 5 sheets no matter what and if I want to include something fun like tea or stickers etc, then I have to cut back even more…luckily I can write teeny tiny 🙂

    Long waits followed by plain impersonal letters that are basically just short answers to my questions I asked 3 months ago and ” You?” annoy me.

    My biggest pet peeves of all however is a plain white envelope. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but to me, if you cannot take the time to pick a pretty envelope or stick a couple of stickers, the weather, a quote, a lyric, ANYTHING on the envelope, than you probably aren’t really interested in actually writing to me in the first place. I don’t want to be a chore! Of course, I can excuse a first letter being like this or even a plain white envelope crammed with awesomeness inside 😛

    Ps I just found your blog and I love it! 🙂

  10. I can agree to many of the annoying things but for the “always the same stamp” there is a simple explanation – most often, normal post offices just sell one basic stamp design per price, for the big variety you need to go to another post office, and it may be far for someone. in Vienna, for example, usually only the main post office sells the nice stamps (that are also or mainly for the collectors).

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