What to send with the letters?

I love to include all sorts of small surprises with my letters but it’s easiest with domestic mail in Finland. International mail travels with one stamp (0,85€ / 1.luokka (first class)) as long as the envelope is maximum 3cm thick and weighs less than 20g. In domestic mail the thickness is the same but the weight goes up to 50g (excluding Åland).

After the worldwide price of 0,85€ per one stamp the international postage rates go up depending whether the recipient lives within Europe (1,3€ until 50g and 1,8€ until 100g) and rest of the World (2€ until 50g and 4,2€ until 100g). Due to these rather expensive prices I tend to try and stay with the 20g.

To avoid the expensive prices of 50-100g letters I usually send anything and everything that’s flat and doesn’t weight too much, starting from photographs (that I haven’t made or sent in nearly a year now 😦 ) and going on from there 🙂

Most of the time I include bits and pieces of things that I like such as

Stickers, my favourite teas, postcards (be it birthday/Christmas or just a card that I really like and think my pal would like as well) and used stamps.

Now and then when I have money and can afford more expensive postages I do send some sweets and packages to my pals that can include anything from mugs to scarves and letter sets and books. My most expensive package in 2nd class mail has been nearly 20€ (1,4kg package to Germany, sent this autumn).

I usually avoid sending teas that aren't packed individually but I do love when I get teas packed like that from my pals. Next to is is a small bag filled with used stamps.

I usually avoid sending teas that aren’t packed individually but I do love when I get teas packed like that from my pals. Next to is is a small bag filled with used stamps.

You can easily send your pal more than one or two tea bags as those usually weight 2-3g. Just tape those to the back of a postcard and you can easily avoid the envelope being thicker than 3cm! 🙂 I do that quite often and so far it has worked – no one has torn the postcard or tea bags so far 🙂

These are some of current favourites when it comes to tea :) Love sending these to my pals :3

These are some of current favourites when it comes to tea 🙂 Love sending these to my pals :3

Stickers are easy to send if you have bigger envelope (in Finland the envelope can be bigger than A5 paper, I think even up to A4 and it doesn’t cost more to send as long as it weighs less than 20g and isn’t 3cm thick – correct me if I’m wrong)  but you can also take those from the packages and just send the sticker sheet! And you can always cut the sticker sheet with scissors and send stickers from various sheets!

Some are easy to bend, others aren't so choose the envelopes carefully!

Some are easy to bend, others aren’t so choose the envelopes carefully!

Then there are used stamps. Some people collect those (like me and a bunch of my penpals) while others like to use those for crafts, decorate letters with those or make handmade postcards! I usually send a bunch of used stamps to my pals who collect those – especially now that I have hundreds of doubles and stamps from DDR and North Korea! A great place to find used stamps are flea markets! This year I bought 0,5kg of stamps with just 7€! 🙂



Then there are postcards.
I usually prefer to send and receive postcards written but as some of my pals prefer those unwritten I usually go with the option my pal prefers.
Now that Christmas is coming, I have no time and I’m not crafty at all I’ve bought some Christmas cards from stores and I start sending most of those from the beginning of December – with letters or as those are, depending on has my pal sent me a letter or am I still waiting one from him/her 🙂

Jetoy, cute illustrated Christmas cards and Moomin cards with and without Christmas greeting :)

Jetoy, cute illustrated Christmas cards and Moomin cards with and without Christmas greetings 🙂

What do you usually send with letters or do you usually just mail the letter? 🙂



2 thoughts on “What to send with the letters?

  1. German mail tends to be quite strict with things you put inside a letter (or maybe I’m just the type of person to worry too much about it?). At least I’ve been told that the post sorting machines here can easily tear open a letter if the middle of the envelope is thicker than the rest of the letter…
    Usually when I send something with a letter or postcard, the things are bigger… I often send CDs or DVDs or sometimes chocolate, so when I do that, the letter easily turns into a package, and the postage for such a package can be quite high.
    Or sometimes I send magazines, and then I need a bigger envelope anyway, so I can’t send it with the standard letter or postage of 75 cents anyway.
    So for me mostly it’s that I send either just a letter, or I send a package with a letter and lots of other stuff…
    Somehow (before I saw you doing it) it never occured to me to send small things with a letter, things that fit into a normal envelope…
    Most of the things I send simply don’t fit…

    So the things I send (or have sent already) are magazines, chocolate, CDs, DVDs and sometimes also books.
    But now I’m wondering if maybe I should start sending out smaller things too…
    Oh yeah, I’ve sent postcards and letters together in one envelope, that yeah…
    The letter has to be under 20g though here as well…and it easily seems to go higher than that weight, if I add things to the letter…
    And so far I think I also never had a penpal interested in collecting stamps, so I didn’t really send used stamps yet either…
    I’m not even sure where to get used stamps here anyway…don’t think I’ve seen people selling used stamps yet anywhere..but maybe I didn’t pay attention..since many of my friends or penpals only throw the stamps away anyway..

  2. Hmm 3 cm is the max thickness to go as a letter here too, but it is tricky..to get the standard rate for a letter it has to be less than 1cm thick..I think it is .5cm!! But if thicker, it can go as a 1.20 letter(within Canada) however international is a whole other cup of tea. Really, if I want to send a few things within Canada, I make it under 3cm and it will cost less than 5$ however, as soon as it is thicker than .5 cm international, then I am best to add a few things and send it as a small packet.

    Either way, for a regular envelope, I often include pictures, newspaper clippings of something interesting, stickers, but lately my favourite has been book marks! I bought a 30 pack of Dr.Seuss cat in the hat bookmarks, they are cute, light, thin and useful! Another thin thing is cute hair elastics or pins or bracelets. 🙂

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