Where do I buy postcards and letter supplies from?

I was planning to write a post last week but as I’m apparently the only one in my family who has a camera and my mum was going to Paris so I gave her my camera (and she ended up not getting how the camera works – bought it in 2008 and have let it get wet in a pouring rain in 2011- so she didn’t even get that many photos and instead used her phone). I’ve also been a bit lazy and uninspired 😦

Luckily mail brought me my letter set, postcard and sticker orders from Postcardgarden and Perromania and those got me inspired.

Letter sets, papers and a couple of envelope sets

Letter sets, papers and a couple of envelope sets from Postcard garden

Postcards and one set of stickers

Postcards and one set of stickers

Moomins and Belle and Boo card from Perromania

Moomins and Belle and Boo card from Perromania

World Heritage Site cards from Perromania

World Heritage Site cards from Perromania

Cards from Porvoo Autumn Market (Oct 3rd-4th) Moomin cards for only 0,5€ :)

Cards from Porvoo Autumn Market (Oct 3rd-4th) Moomin cards for only 0,5€ 🙂

From where do YOU buy your letter/postcrossing supplies?

At least in Finland letter sets/papers are nearly impossible to find unless you want to use those boring white lined papers or buy expensive 10 papers + 10 envelopes set “meant for little kids”. I do buy those whenever I get the chance to or find those but 3€ for such a small amount of paper is ridiculous – I usually use 3-5 A5 pages per letter.


As those are rather expensive and hard to find I’ve started to order letter sets and pads online since 2010 when I found Finnish online store Postcardgarden. Back then it was rather small and everything wasn’t sold out the moment it hit the store like nowadays and unless my memory betrays me I’d argue that back then the prices were lower. The prices in the store are high compared to many other foreign stores but for, at least, Finns the postage is free after you’ve spent over 20€ (which is easily done with just buying 3 different letter sets).  The postcards are the main focus in the store but the sticker and paper selections are good if you manage to click to the site when the new products are put up (I recommend you to follow their Facebook page where the new products are mentioned).

The foreign stores I tend to use the most are Modes4u from Hong Kong and Janetstore from Taiwan.


Modes4u might have a smaller selection of goodies and is more expensive BUT the store offers free postage after you’ve used over 60€ at the store. And they ALWAYS have some Sentimental Circus goodies no matter when you’re looking. (I’m a HUGE SC fan and I LOVE the stickers and letter sets SO much!!).


Janetstore has good selection, I could use hours and hours going through the site, and the prices are quite low, for example one of my favourite letter sets, Amy and Tim (80 papers and 8 envelopes) costs nearly 9€ in Postcardgarden while in Janetstore the price is $2.8. Everything is cheaper than in any other online store. So what’s the catch? The postage prices are usually ridiculously high. If you spend the minimum of $10 in the store, no matter WHAT you buy, be it only stickers and small letter sets you can expect the postage to be at least $10. Last year I and my flatmate chose to order something together from Janetstore as its selection is amazing. We spent 90€ in total, of which 40€ went to postage. 40€. RIDICCULOUS.

The shipping is FAST in all of the stores. I usually wait for a week, max.2 and I have everything in my hands 🙂

Postcards on the other hand..

I tend to buy most of my postcards from a small store in Porvoo called Sadunhenki as the postcards from there are CHEAP. The cheapest cards are just 0,3€ and the most expensive ones are 1€. And the most important thing is that all the Moomin cards are only 0,5€! 😉 CHEAP compared to the normal store prices that tend to be 1,5-4,8€.


But online stores that I use are mostly Postcardgarden, though I don’t usually buy that many cards from there, and I finally tried my luck with Perromania, a store that has had its ads in Postcrossing.com and I’ve read of in some Finnish blogs (and yes, they mail abroad as well ;)). I bought way too many Christmas cards from the store and some “rare” Moomin cards as well as UNESCO World Heritage Postcards for a postcard pal of mine who seems to collect those now 🙂 So far all of these stores have worked just fine for me but does anyone know a good online store for letter papers within Europe? I’d rather not pay high postage and pay a lot to the customs as all the orders OVER 23€ outside of Europe are stuck until you pay a lot. Any other recommendations than Postcardgarden



13 thoughts on “Where do I buy postcards and letter supplies from?

  1. http://www.paperchase.co.uk/ : This is my all time favourite stationary store. EVER. I adore the place(They’ve been popping up in the Netherlands on train stations =3) They also ship within Europe.
    http://www.postpapierenzo.nl/english.html : I found this site a while ago, it’s in Dutch but also has an English explanation. And shipping costs within Europe are 0-250 grams € 4,80
    +250 gram € 6,95.

    other’s I’ve known of are:

    I used to know some pretty awesome other stationary shops but I can’t find their url anywhere sadly =( Hope this was of some help tho!^^

    • Thank you for the links<3 Need to check those out when I get more money 😉
      Too bad the last time I checked Paperchase didn't ship to Finland 😦 Would have loved to buy a couple of sticker and letter sets but no 😦

    • You’ve never used any of the mentioned stores? Wow! :O I always thought that etsy and ebay have HIGH postage prices since everything I’ve purchase has ended up costing twice the price I was promised :S

  2. Vitsi miten kiva postaus! Mä oon noista suomalaisista kaupoista tilannu kai kerran kummastakin, ulkomailta en oo tilannu koska en oo vieläkää uskaltanu/osannu käyttää paypalia vaikka sinne sen tunnuksen teinkin 😀 En oo siis vielä yhdistäny sinne korttia tai tiliä, kun en oikein tiiä kumpi kantsis tehdä yms :s Haluisin tilata myös ebaystä mut senkin käyttö tuntuu ihan rakettitieteeltä xD

    • Mä olin 2009-2010 ihan hirmu iso Postcardgardenin käyttäjä – uusia tilauksia joka kuukausi ja kaikki oli niin ihania :3 Nyt vaan kun hinnat on niin korkeat niin ei hirveästi viitsi ostella vaikka Amy&Tim kirjesetti olisikin ihana :S

      Mutta kaikki mainitut kaupat on oikeesti tosi hyviä 🙂 Oon ollu tyytyväinen kaikkiin.. Janetstoren eka tilaus meni hieman penkinalle kun ostin letter padien sijasta 3 tehtävä vihkosta mutta niitä on sitten sen jälkeen osannut välttää 😀

      Paypal on oikeesti tosi helppo käyttöinen ja melko turvallinen 🙂 Sinne kun linkität vaan kortin niin ostokset käy silleen että kirjaudut sisälle ja hyväksyt pariin kertaan maksut ja voilá 🙂
      Ja kun paypalin on luonut ja kortin sinne linkittänyt niin voi sanoa bye bye rahoille kun kaikki ihanat kaupat ebayssä, amazonissa ja etsyssä aukeaa ;D Kaikki on helppo käyttöisiä, mutta vaativat sen Paypalin.. 🙂

  3. I buy my letter writing supplies on eBay(I search sellers that offers free shipping :P) if I am looking for something specific, for example kawaii brands or washi/deco tapes. I once managed to find ten rolls of deco-tape for ~1,50 euros!! SUPER CHEAP I’M STILL OVERJOYED FOR THAT HAHA! Though I must admit– most of the times I’ve visited eBay, I wasn’t supposed to buy anything, I just went to “take a look for fun” and in the end my shopping cart was full of stuff worth 30$ xD
    If I want to make a bigger order I use a web store whose name I don’t remember >___< (I have like a million bookmarks and the link is somewhere there, I can try to find it for you later if you're interested!:)) That web store is simply amazing, it is a whole-sale thus there are cheap prices and the shipping(from China) is rather inexpensive too!
    What comes to postcards, I buy all of them at my work place. One postcard is only 30cents(even the Moomin ones!!). You may imagine the temptation whether I'm working haha. Sometimes I also buy cards on Huuto.net if I'm looking for something specific and I haven't found it elsewhere. Flea markets are also great places to find postcards for affordable prices.

    I've visited the Postcardgarden web store many times but the prices are so high I am yet to order something from there. I think Postcardgarden is great for those Finns who cannot/don't want to order their supplies from abroad:)

    • Sorry for the late response! I’m still battling with WordPress and apparently the site put your comment in spam folder and not to be approved D:

      I’ve never found nice letter sets from eBay.. Or if I’ve found something those have been EXPENSIVE and the shipping has at least doubled the price :S I’d love to hear from which sellers you get these free shipping supplies from 😉 I know many Jetoy cards are offered with free shipping but that’s it..
      I’d LOVE to hear from the Chinese online store! I’m always looking for cheap places to buy supplies from! :3

      I once tried to buy postcards from huuto.net but most of the cards I was looking for were already used/travelled D: No need for those as I buy cards in order to send those forward D:

  4. That one Moomin card “Joulu on jo ovella” reminds me of a Moomin episode…where someone told the Moomins that Christmas is coming, and they didn’t know at all what that is and asked others what to do…
    And then the Moomins prepared food and presents and a christmas tree…and waited and waited…and that Joulu guy just didn’t come…lol. So after a while they got so tired that they just fell asleep…poor Moomins, lol.

    • Haha 😀 Yeah.. I remember that episode 😀
      To me it’s kinda funny that there are Christmas and winter cards of Moomins even though I learned from the start that Moomins hibernate through the winter and don’t really celebrate Christmas or experience winter 😀 But still we tend to get at least some new Moomin cards of winter/Christmas each year 😀
      Wonder if they start making more and more Angry Birds Christmas cards as well (seen quite many already :DD)

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