How I Started Penpalling?

As I wrote in my first blog post, I received my first letter in July 2001, over 12 years ago. Back then snail mailing was still quite a big thing, many penpalling advertisements in various magazines and only two of my friends had PCs and I didn’t even know what e-mail was! And letter papers, letter sets and cute stickers were sold in almost every store. Oh how things have changed…

Two out of Three letters that came this week - 4th letter from Emma, first letter from Vanessa. Both from Finland

Two out of Three letters that came this week – 4th letter from Emma, first letter from Vanessa. Both from Finland

I got my first penpal thanks to a children’s crossword magazine and I wrote with her approximately a year. After that it took me a while to find my next penpal whom I got in touch with in 2004 thanks to a girl’s comic magazine W.I.T.C.H’s summer extra. With the magazine came a huge poster of one of the main characters Will and behind the poster (I swear it was at least the size of A3! Too bad I’ve lost it ages ago) were tens of different pen palling ads from girls between the age of 7 and 14. I was almost 13 at that time and got in touch with Viivi, a 11 year old girl living only 50 kilometres away from me. While writing with Viivi I also tried to contact a couple of girls via Pollux horse book club from Finland, Germany and Sweden. Too bad, only one of those girls, Katri from Finland, replied to my letter back in 2004-2005. There was also a try to write with a couple of old classmates in 2002-2004 but it never lasted longer than 4 or 5 letters as they weren’t as interested in letter writing as I was.

The first letter I got from Viivi. Horses and Harry Potter were SO in at that time :)

The first letter I got from Viivi. Horses and Harry Potter were SO in at that time 🙂

I wrote with Viivi and Katri throughout my teenage years and shared nearly everything with them. There were one or two penpals that exchanged a couple of letters with me between 2004 and 2008 but all of them disappeared for some reason. In 2007 I spent a lot of time in YouTube, chatting with people who had similar taste in music and liked the same TV-series. Little by little I got to know Maria and after about one year of emails and text messages back and forth and chatting online I asked whether she would be interested in exchanging letters with me. The answer was yes and we’re still in contact, I actually got her latest letter just last week (70th letter from her)! I’ve even met both of them! With Katri I met last time back in 2010, with Maria just last weekend! Too bad I don’t have any pictures of those meetings as all of the pictures have disappeared thanks to my external hard drive or laptop crashing and I and Maria didn’t take a photo when we met… I’ve also met with Viivi various times but we have more or less lost contact since 2010 even though we’re still Facebook friends with each other.

The 70th letter I received from Maria with a couple of postcards and a bookmark of David Tennant, my favourite actor :)

The 70th letter I received from Maria with a couple of postcards and a bookmark of David Tennant, my favourite actor 🙂

Until April 2009 all of my pen pals were from Finland and my letters were approximately two A4 papers written on both sides. Then a male classmate of mine started bragging how he received letters and postcards from all over the world and I demanded him to tell me why and how. He gave me the link to Interpals and I got my first foreign pen pals. The 4 first girls I exchanged letters with were from Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Germany and South Korea. Out of those 4 girls only Erica from South Korea still writes to me a couple of times a year to update how her busy life is treating her.

After I had got enough of men treating Interpals as one of the many dating sites I moved to other sites looking for penpals. My personal favourites are Letternet, from where I’ve gotten all my dear German pals, and Penpal of the Week, a blog by a Canadian snail mailer filled with penpalling advertisements. I’ve also met some of my current penpals via Postcrossing and even Instagram.

I need a LOT of space while I'm writing and usually like to have noise around me - music or internet reviews mostly ;)

I need a LOT of space while I’m writing and usually like to have noise around me – music or internet reviews mostly 😉

When I started snail mailing my letters were quite shallow and about normal, everyday things such as how school was, what my plans for summer were and how I like this and that. Nowadays I have started to notice that my letters are deeper and deeper, thanks to my pals notifying me of it. With some pals I still talk about everyday things but with others I really share my thoughts and secrets. I started with a couple of pages per letter, nowadays I tend to write 3-5 A5 papers, both sides, and my longest letter I’ve written this year filled a small A5 notebook.

My next outgoing letter will be sent in this. My first try with masking tape!

My next outgoing letter will be sent in this. My first try with masking tape!

In the beginning I just wanted people to write with, nowadays I get put off the moment I have a feeling that the pal doesn’t like me for who I am and only writes with me in hopes of getting something from me as I tend to put something small with the letters. For example, last week I sent 2 postcards to Japan and included 2 Angry Birds liquorices and chocolate tea just because I felt like it!
Some of my closest pals are like best friends whom I’ve never met while others are great buddies with whom I get to talk about my weekend and school.
At the moment I’m not looking for any new pals but if I could get another pal who’s not afraid of writing pages and pages talking about everything I think I’d like to write to him/her.. Only that I have to finish my assignments and THEN I can write back 😉

How has your penpalling “habits” changed during the years? What are you mostly looking from a potential pal?



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  1. Not even one mention of your bff, should I feel sad? 😦 Because we did write back then and still write!! ;(
    But yeah, I hate that you can’t get nice paper like you used to! And also the postcards are pretty boring now days in most of the stores! Hopefully there’s going to be a turn in that some point 🙂

    Ps. Loving those autumn stamps<3 lovelovelove<3

    • There’s many people I didn’t mention.. The post would have ended up being ten times longer if I would have gone through the Finnish penpals I’ve had 🙂 And I don’t see exchanging postcards as penpalling, it’s being postcard pals – also have a bunch of them..
      There’s really not any nice paper sold except if you find something by accident in Robin Hood/Tarjoustalo like I did and now that Tiimari went bankrupt even stickers and some postcards are harder to find 😦 BOO! I think we’re just heading towards a future in which we just keep our butts glued to the chairs and buy EVERYTHING online 😦

      I KNOW!!! I was SO thrilled to get two autumn stamps on an envelope this week!! 😀

  2. En tiiä haluisitko kommentitkin enkuksi vai voinko kirjottaa suomeksi… 😀 Nyt kirjotan ainakin suomeks kun sillain saa ajatuksen paremmin luistamaan 😉
    Tää oli tosi mielenkiintoinen ja ajankohtainenkin postaus, koska oon miettinyt nyt että mistähän ihmeestä kaikki saa niitä kivoja ulkomaalaisia kirjekavereita! Oli kiva kun kerroit noista erilaisista sivustoista 🙂
    Mutta noihin kysymyksiin mitä esitit lopussa… Mä en tiedä onko mun tavat kirjoittelussa oikeastaan muuttunut aikojen saatossa, vaikka tietysti puheenaiheet oli hiukka eri maailmasta ala-asteella kuin nyt 8D Mutta mä olen aina tykännyt kertoa niin “pinnallisista” viime aikojen tapahtumista, mutta myös syvemmin omista fiiliksistä eri asioista ja itsestäni, kunhan on tunne että kirjekaveri on luotettava + sitä kiinnostaa sellaiset pohdiskelut ja avautumiset + että se myös itse pystyy jakaan itsestään jotain syvempää 🙂 Ettei ole ihan yksipuolinen fiilis siinä kirjoittelussa 😀

    • Suomeksi, englanniksi.. Ruotsiksikin voi kirjottaa jos osaa 😉 En niin välitä millä kielellä kommentit tulee kunha pystyn lukemaan ja vastaamaan 🙂
      Kiva jos postauksesta on hyötyä ulkomaalasen kirjekaverin etsintään! 🙂 Itse suosittelisin lämpimimmin “Penpal of the Week” blogia koska kaikki sinne kirjoittavat on AIVAN ihania 🙂 Kaksi todella läheistä ulkomaalaista kirjekaveria on löytynyt sen kautta! 🙂 Letternet taas on hieman hankalampi kun sitä kautta ei voi viestiä ihmisten kanssa vaan pitää antaa toiselle lupa ottaa osoite ja kirjoittaa.. Ja sieltä saa vain ja ainoastaan saksalaisia kirjekavereita.. Tai ainakin sinä aikana on saanut kun itse sitä olen selaillut, nykyään pidän sitä siellä että saan ilmoituksen jos joku kirjekavereista muuttaa (uudet osoite tiedot tulee sähköpostiin). 🙂
      Itekin kirjottelen kyllä aina alkuun joitain pinnallisia asioita, mutta joidenkin kanssa ne jää niihin kun taas toisten kanssa se saattaa johtaa vaikka mihin keskusteluihin.. Jonkun kanssa taisin kirjoitella hetken aikaa EU:sta ja toisen kanssa vaihdeltiin lapsuuden ajan tarinoita ja omia ajatuksia milloin mistäkin 🙂 Mutta silti kirje on vähintään sen kaksi sivua kun en vaan enää osaa kirjoittaa lyhyesti 🙂 Onko koskaan tullut vastaan yksipuoleista fiilistä kirjoittaessa? 🙂

      • No ei ole kyllä tullut sellaista yksipuoleista tunnetta kenenkään kanssa, ei edes sen saksalaisen joka nyt halusi lopettaa mun kans kirjoittelun 😉 Mulla on kans tuo sama piirre että en osaa kirjottaa lyhyesti mistään, aina tulee mieleen vielä sitä ja tätä siitä kyseisestä aiheesta tai sen vierestä 😀

      • No hyvä ettei sellaisia kokemuksia ole vielä tullut vastaan 🙂 Itsellä sellaista on tapahtunut muutamaan kertaan ja toisin kuin saksalainen kirjekaverisi, omat yleensä jättää ilmoittamatta tiputtamisesta tai laittavat viestiä Facebookin kautta :/
        Mahtavaa että muillakin on vaikeuksia kirjoittaa lyhyesti 😀

  3. I just seem to be unlucky when it comes to penpalling… Back then, before internet started getting so important and widespread, I had penpals who wrote me for many many years…. But one penpal, after she moved to USA, she started to write less each time, unless she stopped completely, and I started to write letters to her still after that, and no reply ever came back…I haven’t heard from her anymore since then…and I wonder sometimes if she’s even alive still… The other penpals I’ve had for a long time also stopped writing…
    Then I tried to get new penpals, but either they only wrote once or twice, or they never even replied at all… So I gave up penpalling then for a while.
    Recently (maybe about a year ago) I decided to try it again…but it seems I’m being unlucky again…
    Some people I contacted just accepted my penfriend request, but never replied to my letter (so far), or deleted me shortly after again…
    With one person the gaps between the letters got longer and longer, until she deleted me too from her penfriends…
    Another person sent me a letter that was so short that it didn’t even fill two pages…
    So I’m really not sure right now if I should try and continue to find penfriends…or just give it up again…

    And I remember that ten years ago it was way easier to get nice letter paper and things like this…now it’s getting really hard to find some. One employee at a store even told me that nobody except little kids or grandparents are interested in writing letters anymore…
    I kinda start to think that she may be right…it’s kinda sad to wait for letters or postcards, and find the mailbox empty each time (or just find advertisements, bills or similar stuff in it…)

    • I think you just need to look for penpals for AGES to find the good pals that won’t dump you even if you take too long to reply or write back no matter what! For every pal I currently have there has been at least one who dumped me after a letter or two or didn’t write when she said she would.. And way too many pals in my case tend to give up writing letters when we’re connected through Facebook.. 😦 Damn you internet.
      I think you should really try sending a penpalling ad to Penpal of the Week! The people in there are absolutely amazing and I’m sure you’d find a bunch of amazing pals to write with!! 🙂

      And just like you said, finding letter paper and everything is harder and harder.. Finnish crafts store Tiimari just went bankrupt so in Finland we can’t really even find stickers anymore.. Sure there are these cheap stores that sell almost anything with cheap prices (found some “childish” (Charmy Kitty & Minnie Mouse) letter paper in one just last week) but from what I’ve heard more and more Finns tend to shop those things online 😦

      • The best penpals I had, I didn’t find through letternet or things like that…but from some magazine that had penpal ads… But nowadays the people reading that mag are still younger than 18, and I don’t fit in that age group anymore… And also it seems to have turned more into e-mail/chat friends than penpals, lol.
        Yeah, I’ve also had people say “why should I write you a letter if I can quickly send you an e-mail or write you on facebook?”
        Those that I have contact with through e-mail or facebook only send packages when we do like exchange of things like CDs or books or dvds…or sometimes exchange some nice postcards. One friend once wrote on the postcard something like “I don’t really know what to write on the card since we usually chat on facebook or yahoo.”…
        Yeah, I’ve been thinking about adding some (potential) penpals on facebook, but then I thought “maybe they’ll stop writing letters then if I do that….”
        Have you ever sent a penpal ad to Penpal of the Week? I’ve been thinking of doing it, but somehow I don’t like the thought of having so much info about myself published online, for everybody to read…Some people even publish their street addy there, I don’t think I’d ever do that…
        I tried to contact some of the people from there, but most of them get so many replies that they can’t write to everybody…

        When I decided to start penpalling again, I thought it would be easy to find letter paper again…but to my shock there were hardly any stores still actually selling letter paper, and some of those that do, just sell more or less plain, but expensive letter paper (the kind you’d maybe use for invitations or things like that), formal letter paper maybe…
        Stickers are pretty easy to find here still…most stores do have stickers, and quite a nice variety as well…
        That sucks about that store going bankrupt…but I heard that the stores are still open till december or so…so you might be able to get some things still before they close…

      • I haven’t personally sent and ad to the site but I was interviewed and my email was available 🙂 So I got 3 messages, of which 2 actually wrote to me and we’re still in touch.. Those two also sent their ads there and I found one of my American pals as she sent and ad there.. Not that many people seem to know about the site so I don’t think any non penpallers are looking at the site 🙂

        I tend to order all my papers online and buy stickers whenever and wherever I find nice ones.. To be honest I think modes4u and Janetstore are the best stores for penpallers, unfortunately those are also expensive, if not the products then the shipping.. 😦
        Wow you know more about the situation of Tiimari than I do 😀 Haven’t heard anything about it since Wednesday, had to go googling to check if it really is going to stay up and running (at least) until Christmas 🙂 I can still go and buy some stuff before Tiimari disappears<3

      • I’ve noticed though that Julie from penpal of the week has basically stopped posting on her blog though..and when she posts, then it’s about selling stuff or things like that…she hasn’t posted penpal ads or interviews or similar things in a while…
        Last time she posted penpal ads or interviews was in like May or June…so I guess right now it may be the wrong time to send a penpal ad…
        She promised though to be posting more penpal ads, but she hasn’t done that yet…

        I seem to have more luck right now at finding e-mail or facebook friends…than actual penpals …:(
        The only mail I seem to be getting mostly are things I ordered…

        I’ve never tried Janetstore or similar stores so far…but I’ve been thinking about ordering things online…maybe one day I’ll try it…
        Yeah…maybe Tiimari will still stay open for a while… when some store here went bankrupt, they didn’t close down immediately either…they had some sales as well before they closed down for good. Maybe Tiimari will do that too…after all they probably still have plenty of stickers and other things in their stores and may attempt to sell them before closing…

      • I think that the site could be on hiatus now since Julie is pregnant and she’s running “League of Extraordinary Penpals”.. And for example last autumn she had problems getting interviews from readers.. When I was interviewed I was the only one she did the interview at that time and she really wanted my reply asap 🙂

        Finding the right and proper penpals takes time and too many unanswered letters.. And whenever I’m looking for a new pal I tend to go through the internet for AGES.. Maybe you should ask around if some of your friends belong to “Penpalling and Letters” FB group? Most of the people in there tend to be 30+ and new friendships are made quite often.. 🙂 If no one else you could probably add me on FB and I could try and add you (though it takes time as the group is kept “clean” so that only active members are kept in there and every inactive member is deleted and at the moment I think they aren’t adding anyone before next month..

        I think that Tiimari will do the sales after Christmas if it does since now they keep up the “buy 3 pay for 2”, for example 3 postcards, 3 sticker sheets etc.. And you should DEFINITELY try Janetstore one day! I LOVE the site! 🙂

      • Julie said though that she plans on posting penpal ads this month still…but September is almost over and she didn’t post anything yet…
        I don’t like that League of Extraordinary Penpals by her, to be honest…I don’t like that you have to pay for it each month, and that there is no way to like test it out first…

        Couldn’t find a FB group called “Penpalling and letters”…maybe it’s a secret group? How long does it take for you to get deleted there if you are not active?

        And yeah, I guess it can be hard to find good penfriends… It is also kinda weird (or maybe that is normal? lol)…that with some people I have to stop myself from writing too much before I end up using all the letter paper for just one letter, lol..and with others I have to try hard to write just two pages…since I’m just not coming up with anything to write…

      • The FB group is secret and people need to be invited to the group but even that takes some time as they only take 3-10 people in a day and at the moment they’re going through a clean up and take new members in late October-early November :/
        In my case if you’ve commented in different topics they talk about in the group you can be silent for weeks before they even start thinking of deleting you, just make a name for yourself in the beginning and you’re safe.. And people post there when they’re going to stay away for a longer period of time so they won’t be deleted 🙂

  4. For me the actual letter is the most important, I want to feel that they have actually put some work and thought into what they are writing. It’s so boring if they write things like ‘i don’t really know what to write, so bye’, and it’s super short. What’s the point then? As long as the letter is good I don’t care if they send any extra stuff with it, put I don’t mind getting pretty postcards and tea’s and other pretty stuff too 😀

    I also kinda want a new pen pal, that writes that kind a letter, but at the same time I don’t know if I have the time. Or, I do, but it usually takes me a while to reply, and that sucks. Luckily I do have some great pen pals! 🙂

    • I also think that the letter is the most important part and I just like to add some small surprises in the envelope now and then.. But then there are some people who try to get stuff from their pals.. Too bad I have met people like that more than once :/
      And I also have a couple of pals who write short letters and end those with ‘I don’t really know what to write, so bye’. But whenever I’m busy even those letters bring smile to my face. Someone spent some time to write to me, even if it was just 20-30 minutes! 🙂

      Haha 😀 I have the same problem. I don’t have that much time, or I would if I weren’t so into procrastination with school stuff.. Takes me too long to reply but luckily my pals are amazing and have the time to wait for my letters 🙂

      • I recently got a letter were she wrote “And I got lost on the mountain, it was so scary I started crying”. And that was it. One sentence about something that could easily could have filled a page. 😛 I still like getting those letters, but at the same time I find it a little uninspiring when I write a long letter and put a lot of work in it, and then I get almost a post it back, haha. So I end up just writing super short letters back, and that’s not really the kind of letters I like to write.

      • It’s the same with me in some cases.. I still write 2-3 pages to those pals who only write 1 page to me because I have so much to say and unlike your penpal I would have written the page about getting lost in the mountain 🙂

  5. I don’t really write letters, the occasional postcard to friends who don’t live in the same country yes, but those have gotten quite rare(I’m trying to pick it up again 🙂 )I think it’s always really nice to send out postcards and hear the reaction from people later! So it’s really something I’m trying to get better at!

    The part about W.I.T.C.H magazine made me smile! I used to love that magazine so much! And in every country I would be on vacation with my parents I would check if they had one there as well(Which ended in quite the collection of many magazines in languages that I couldn’t (and still can’t)even read from a lot of different European countries:) I still have 4 boxes of all the magazines at home!

    ps. Love the David Tennant post card! only 2 months left and we’ll see him in DW again!! =D

    • Postcards are amazing as well 🙂 I actually have some friends abroad with whom I exchange postcards and even though the there isn’t really that much space to write behind the postcards those still make my day since my friends know what kind of cards I adore 😀 You REALLY should start sending postcards! Old town is the perfect place to find all sorts of different postcards and “Sadun Henki” sells cards from 0,3€ to 1€.. Cheapest prices I’ve seen anywhere 🙂 Even the Moomin cards are just 0,5€ even though it says 1,2€ behind the card :3

      I’m so depressed about the fact that I’ve thrown away all my W.I.T.C.H magazines 😦 I used to own 5 comic books of the series in which they had put the first stories that I had missed and I swear I had over 30 magazines until I just stopped buying those whenever the new one came 😦 Really miss that nostalgia!

      I CAN’T WAIT!! 😀 Tennant is definitely the Doctor I’ve liked the most- even had to order Secret Smile just because he’s in it 😀 I’m really thrilled as I cried like a baby when Tennant changed to Smith ;;__;; And now it’s changing AGAIN :/

  6. Tosi kiva postaus ^o^! Mun eka kirjekaveri oli turkkilainen tyttö! Meijän englannin opettaja ala-asteella( järkkäsi meille kaikille kirjekaverit ulkomailta. Mä olin ihan innoissaan, mutta sain siltä tytöltä vain yhden kirjeen. Mun englantikin oli niin huonoa silloin, että mun äiti ja enkun opettaja melkeinpä joutu sanelemaan mitä kirjottaa kirjeeseen :’D Toinen kirjekaveri, joka oli samoihin aikoihin tai vähän aikaisemmin(vuodet hämärtynyt jo ihan kokonaan :D) kuin tuo turkkilainen, oli suomalainen tyttö, jonka kirjekaveri-ilmoitukseen jossain lasten lehdessä(Koululainen?) vastasin. Ei hänenkään kanssa kuin parit kirjeet vaihdettu :/ Sitte koko kirjeiden kirjoittelu jäi, kunnes yläasteella(08-09?) laitoin kirjekaveri-ilmoituksen Sinä&Minä-lehteen ja yks tosi mukava tyttö vastasi mulle! Meillä oli ihan samanlaiset kiinnostuksenkohteet, mä olin noihin aikoihin tosi yksinäinen ja koin itseni ulkopuoliseksi, kun tykkäsin niin eri jutuista kuin muut(Aasia ja Japani-jutut :D) ja olin niin ujo. Meistä tuli tosi läheisiä ja hyviä ystäviä! Aluksi lähetettiin e-maileja, sitten vaihdettiin puhelinnumerot ja myöhemmin alettiin kirjottelemman ihan kirjeitä! Asuttiin ainakin 200km etäällä toisistamme, mutta silti tavattiin muutama kerta. Sitten yhdessä vaiheessa se ei enää vaan vastannut mun tekstiviesteihin.. 😦 En tiedä mitä hänelle on tapahtunut, onkohan edes vielä elossa… 😦 Muistan vaan, että hänen viimeinen viesti mulle oli jotenkin masentuneen tuntuinen. Siitä on varmaan 4 vuotta kohta kun oltiin yhteydessä, mutta silti muistelen häntä aina välillä :c
    Yläasteella laitoin kanssa kirjekaveri-ilmoituksia nettiin ulkomaalaisille sivustoille, ja mulle vastasikin moni/mä vastasin monille! Yläaste oli varmaan mun aktiivisinta aikaa kirjekavereiden kanssa, vaihdoin monien kanssa osotteet mut yleensä kävi silleen, että ne ei vastannu mun kirjeeseen tai sitten kirjotettiin vaa muutamat kerrat. Se on kyllä totta, että se vaatii aikaa ja uurastusta löytää hyvä kirjekaveri! Yhen kerran vihdoin eräs korealainen tyttö vastasi mun ilmoitukseen, ja siitä kehkeytyi pitkäaikainen kaverisuhde! Ollaan vieläkin yhteydessä ja hän on mun tärkein ja luotettavin kirjekaveri! Alussa kirjoteltiin vaan e-maileja, koska sen vanhempien mielestä netistä ei voinut löytää luotettavia ihmisiä, myöhemmin vaihdettiin osoitteet niin, että mä lähetin mun kirjeet aina sen kaverin osoitteeseen! Muistan, kuinka suuri juttu se oli tälle mun kirjekaverille keroa meijän kirjekaveruudesta sen vanhemmille!
    Monien kirjekavereiden kanssa tulee tosiaan kirjoteltua vaan aika pintapuoleisesti, mutta korealaisen kanssa me voidaan jakaa ihan oikeesti ajatuksia, mielipiteitä, murheita jne.! Yhessä vaiheessa ei oltu hirveesti yhteydessä hänen koulukiireidensä takia, mutta ei olla koskaan unohdettu toisiamme ja aina ollaan ees Facebookissa tai chatissa viestitelty! Kovasti haluttaisiin tavata, ja hän jopa pyysi mua käymään Bangkokiin, kun hän menee sinne lomalle niin oltais voitu siellä vihdoin nähdä, mutta ei mulla nyt sellaseen oo varaa :c
    Oon kyllä huomannut sen, että sellasten kanssa, jotka osaa englantia paremmin tulee kirjotettua enemmän ja syvällisemmin, joka on ihan ymmärrettävää. Joskus tavallaan ‘inhottaa’ kirjottaa pitkiä kirjeitä, jos tietää, että vastapuolelta tulee jokatapauksessa aina se pieni tekstinpätkä takaisin. Mä ku niin tykkään kirjottaa pitkiä kirjeitä ja useesti sitä tekstiä vaan tulee ja tulee ihan huomaamattamakin 😛 Joskus kanssa tuntuu, että vastapuoli kyllä osais englantia tarpeeksi hyvin pystyäkseen syvällisempäänkin tekstiin, mutta se ei vaan halua/jaksa vaivautua kirjottamaan niin paljoa. D: Onneks mulla on nykyään kolme sellaista kirjekaveria, joiden kanssa kirjotellaan pitkästi ❤
    Mulla ei oo ollut vuosiin suomalaista kirjekaveria, mutta nyt tänä vuonna sellaisen 'sain', ja tuntuu niin mukavalta kirjottaa taas suomeksi! Jotenkin suomen kielellä tulee puhuttua/kirjotettua ihan eri asioista ja jopa paljon henkilökohtaisemminkin ja/tai yksityiskohtaisemmin kuulumisista!

    • Anteeksi myöhäinen kommentin moderointi! 🙂 Kiitos ihanasta kommentista ja mukavaa että postaus oli ihan hyvä idea 🙂
      Oon aina ollut NIIN kateellinen kaikille jotka on saanut koulun kautta kirjekavereita, vaikka ne ei ookkaa yleensä kestänyt kuin muutaman kirjeen verran! Voisi muillekin näyttää ettei kirjeenvaihto oo kuollut ja että se on mukavaa ajanvietettä 🙂
      Tosi harmillista toi mitä Sinä&Minä-lehden kirjekaverille kävi.. 😦 Toivottavasti olisi kunnossa ja osoite/puhelinnumero olisi muuttunut vaikka hävinneen puhelimen takia.. :/
      Oon AIVAN samaa mieltä tosta että hyvin englantia osaavat kirjoittaa myös pidempiä kirjeitä 🙂 Yhdellä kirjekaverilla on lukihäiriö niin englanninkielinen teksti on joskus hieman sekavaa, mutta silti ihan ymmärrettävissä olevaa enkä vaihtaisi kyseistä kirjekaveria mihinkään :3 Ainoastaan yksi huonohkosti englantia osaava kirjekaveri kirjoitta melko pitkiä kirjeitä, jotka saattavat olla TODELLA sekavia.. Mutta vastaukseen sitten saakin laittaa kysymyksiä että mitä tämä ja tämä tarkoitti.. Toisinaan saan vastauksina saksalaisia sanoja ja niitä pitää sitten alkaa kääntämään tai muualla 🙂 Kun olisi valinnut saksanopinnot laiskuuden tai venäjän tilalta…

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